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Castaway Collection

As we move into 2021 things feel different. What we thought we knew about the world has been radically shifted, opened.

If things aren’t as they seem, then does that mean there is even more opportunity?

This collection has been created with the intention to grow, to move forward and to allow our creativity to explore what is means to collate & design organically and without compromise.

We are all, it seems in “test” mode. What is right for us, what is right for the customer and what is right for the planet. How to marry these is what we ask of ourselves along this journey and these questions can only be answered when we set the wheels in motion, so our offering to you in simple.

TALAMAYA is a co-ordinated apparel collection. Inspired by the desire to be comfortable in our own skin. How a garment fits and what it is made from being the central point. Then, how pieces move and dance around each other. Seamlessly and effortlessly. We crave movement and flexibility and salty sea air. We desire the home within, the space we inhabit and the greater environment to feel harmonious.



Soft cool cotton knitwear layered with cut & sew key separates – punctuated with flowing Indian Artisan Cotton handblock prints and handloomed weaves.  Hues of sunset and dark tropics, highlighted with silvery sea kissed silvers.

Join us in being CASTAWAYS, as being lost is not always a bad thing…


As with our last season, we will be planting a tree for every garment sold.  We do this via partnership with a not-for-profit based in the United States called One Tree Planted.

Thanks to your help, we have already donated 2000 trees to be planted in Australia, as part of the habitat recovery in the aftermath of the 2019-2020 "Black Summer" bushfires.

Kindest always,

Sheridan & Tav

Designer / Directors

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